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Matthew 21:6. Trusting Obedience 6 Sep 2023

Mat 21:6 So the disciples went
and did as Jesus had told them.

Excerpt from THE NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE, copyright (c) 1985 by Darton, Longman & Todd, Ltd. and Doubleday, a division of Penguin Random House, Inc. Reprinted by Permission.

Do you see the fishermen guiding donkeys? Each had a donkey to bring back to Jesus. Perhaps they hated donkeys. Perhaps they had to wrestle with two unfamiliar stubborn animals. Perhaps they had to run hard downhill to keep pace with animals used to the mountains. Perhaps they made a ride on the back of the donkeys ...

I simply do not know all the answers.
I do know that the disciples trusted Jesus. And they went to do their duty as disciple. They obeyed as a child to their father.


Jesus, a good example to see the obedience of your disciples.

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