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Together 17 SEP 2022

Over the last months I am wondering what can bring people together. What can bring people into lasting relationships. What binds persons or a team together?
My first interest is in bringing persons together for personal growth and development.

Need and Trust

When there is no need for the existence or formation of a team, nothing will happen.
When there is not trust in the team, the team will not come into existence or will not exist for a long time.
There are certainly plenty of exceptions. Sometimes teams are forced to exist or meet.


What would attract people?
1) Testimonies, stories and examples they would like to follow.
2) A bait. Something that the group can offer for the benefit of the participant.
3) An urgent need of the participant (e.g. pain).
4) Joy, fulfillment, purpose.


Meeting on a regular base takes commitment. People with a need which is addressed by the group are more likely to commit themselves. When persons are hurt or disappointed, they will shy away. To build something has a price. Am I willing to pay the price for learning, growing and serving?


Jesus, send your Spirit to draw people together for your purpose.

Self Evaluation

I express my interest. I am willing to serve others. I see it as an opportunity to develop baits that will attract people to participation.
I am expressing myself as seeking, somewhat clumsy. I do not yet have all the answers.

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