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I.M. Radiant 26 Sep 2021

From my earliest age on I have been interested in electricity. My aunties complained that with visiting a circus I was more interested with the lamps than with the animals. I was not just satisfied with lamps. Soon my interest moved to radio and electronics. My interests led to a career in Television techniques. My enthusiasm was seen.

New Light

At the age of 32 years, I had a god-experience. It brought a fresh light in my life. And I really desire that many others can experience the Light of the world, which is to my belief Jesus Christ. His light leads to an eternal life with God.


This only make sense when I become as well a 'light-to-the-world'. I am called to spread the love of God. I should shine.
Alas, I am just a beginner. I however do desire to shine. I am called to change my life. To become an image of Christ. I desire and I struggle. I seek help and co-workers.


Father God, show me the way. I know it is Jesus. But I am still so much blinded. Jesus, be my redeemer.

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