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I.M. Pursued 19 Sep 2021

What drives me in life? Which problems appear frequently in my life?
What drives me, could be my desires or purposes. What pursues me, could be the problems I cause with my 'natural' behavior. It could be a kind of debts. My actions leave a trace behind me. Perhaps a pattern of similar mistakes and troubles.


No human is perfect. And I certainly have a few peculiarities which may bring joy or annoyance to my communities. I am pursued by who I am. And that is a shadow of what I was in the past.

The easiest, and perhaps the only, way out is to die. To let die my old habits. It is however painful. I need to acknowledge some of my failures. Then usually a miracle happens. The people around can both know and love my humanity. And for me it will be more relaxed to practice new behavior.


Jesus, guide me into the truth of who I am. Help me to accept the truth about myself. It pursues me.

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