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I.M. Proud 8 Sep 2021

What good does my pride work out?
One problem with pride is that it may indicate that there is something which I am not willing to give up. Or I really would feel very bad when it would be taken from me. My 'pride' becomes part of my identity. And I may become a slave of it.
Of course I may celebrate a success. On the other hand, when I really value myself, I should be willing to celebrate my failures. Because failures are a part of any healthy life.


My failures are at the same time opportunities to learn. My pride hinders. When I can't admit my fault, I hardly can learn from it. When I am too ashamed to talk about my relationship failures, I will not be able to develop a more healthy relationship.
My failures are not the problem. They are normal and intensely human. My refusal to make serious efforts to learn or to repair damage is unproductive pride, shame and perhaps fear. Saying 'sorry' is a tiny step, but by far not a 'serious business' to improve. I need to figure out how to behave better or how to get the job done.
And fortunately not all of my efforts need to be a success. I don't need pride for a happy life.


Father God, please teach me a joyful friendly attitude when I fail. Teach me how to really learn from my faults.

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