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I.M. Progressive 13 Sep 2021

Progress bars in computers help me to have a realistic expectation on what is happening. I love those indicators, because they help me to keep patient and calm. Progress comes little by little or not.

Seeing Progress

In the same way, when I work on a bigger project, I make a plan. And when I have done a few things, then I can visualize my progress. I love it.


In this phase of my life progress goes slow. I am in a phase of change and I have a limited idea where to go. It is like following an unstable compass. Fortunately it is also a time with many new thoughts and ideas. I struggle however with missing progress. In other words, I see few visible results of my study and work.
Fortunately it feels as well like a field where I am plowing and sowing. Then the waiting is for the rain and the growth of the plants.


"Those who sow in tears, will reap with songs of joy" (cf. Ps 126). Father God, please water my fields and make my seeds growing.

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