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I.M. Productive 12 Sep 2021

It is a Sunday. I am not a 24/7 working factory. The Sunday should be my day of rest. God ordained the Sabbath, the seventh day or the Saturday, to be a day of rest. Not the Sunday. Mankind, and I not excepted, is however stubborn. Not the Saturday, but the Sunday will be my rest day. Actually the Sunday could be a day to celebrate (the resurrection of Christ.) A serious feast may also be working. I find it hard not to perform. I find it hard to celebrate.


I do believe in an eternal life after death. Should I really be productive an eternity long? Is it really my destiny to be productive? Would it be my destiny to celebrate or worship continuously? What would really matter in a life or eternal life?

Me, the Fool

How should I know all the answers. I can only guess or dream. Nevertheless, that is my pleasure.
My guess would be to seek and maintain what is called the fruits of the Holy Spirit:
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness and self-control.
That could be what I would like to live for in eternity. But being unproductive for an eternity, I am afraid for that. Thus I hope that even in eternity, I still will have six days to work and one day to rest.


Father God, teach me to keep that one day of rest in my week. I may need it for an eternity.

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