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I.M. Private 10 Sep 2021

In the area of business, there is a private sector. The meaning is non-governmental.
When a person is private, he or she does not share much about him or herself. The information is non publicly available.


One disadvantage is that I will be a stranger for others. Of course that may include my feelings and emotions. That may make it hard to have an intimate relationship.
Especially with conflicts, I harden my heart and useful or not, I do not give the opportunity to the opposing party to understand how I feel and why I am so withdrawn.
The one who suffers is first I, myself. No-one can relate to me as long as I hide myself.


I need to overcome my shame, pride and fear. I need to learn to share what I feel. And that differs quite a bit from hurting others with my frustrations. I need to learn to share in ways which help both myself and others. Emotions are normal. And others can not just guess what I feel and think. That needs good communication.


God, teach me communication. Human helpers are very welcome.

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