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I.M. Primitive 9 Sep 2021

Let's assume I am God. It feels great. Who is this William? He is rather primitive. Everything he tries, it just appears to act against him like a boomerang. When will he grow up and learn a little.

Down to Earth

Aye, I am William again. No more a god. I truly feel primitive. God is right, I am making many mistakes.
Perhaps God doesn't know. It is such a joy to feel primitive. I try something, it fails and I just can smile. I am not a god. I am just human. It is fun to try some primitive things. I would love to learn to throw a boomerang one of those days. And I hope God will not be hurt by it.


Father God, please let me know when you or some others are hurt by my primitive actions. I am sure I can learn some good things from you.

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