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I.M. Pressured 6 Sep 2021

Many in this world may feel under pressure. There is even a kind of pressures which I can impose on myself. Such a burden is usually based on wrong beliefs. Some examples are:
I am only good when I am successful. Let's say when I have become a millionaire.
I am only good when everyone is my friend.
I am only good when I am smarter than everyone else.

Such kind of foolish beliefs may cause depression. Simply because I never will be able to reach such goals. A more technical naming could be: self-defeating-beliefs. Often, the targeted ill-beliefs are related to power, love and perfectionism.


When I begin to realize that some of my beliefs are not realistic, I need to replace those thoughts by more realistic ones. That is a tough process. because my 'being good' depends on those things. And I am not very much inclined to give up my feeling-good.
Interestingly, the self-defeating-beliefs never make me feel good enough. For they are goals beyond reality. They will never become true. They are false beliefs.

My Value

When my self-worth depends on anything, I am dependent on that value. And I do not like the life of a slave.
I am just valuable with no condition. No force or effort is needed to make me valuable.
When I live responsible, and enjoy living my ordinary life, then I expect to feel happy and fulfilled. No pressures needed.


Father God, I entrust my life to you. Everything in your hands is valuable.

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