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I.M. Prepared 5 Sep 2021

The very thing I am most prepared to, is to defend myself. When something goes wrong, I strike. Being honest, yes when some good-willing person points to one of my many faults, I like to defend myself. It is totally unwise. And it seldom produces good results. It is a habit born from fear of pain.

Accept vs. Defend

Things get easier when I can accept my faults. Then there is less need to defend and hurt others.
I can't be perfect and I am not even supposed to be perfect. Millet already knows that I am not perfect. God knows even more. It seems that I am the only one who falsely assumes that I need to be perfect.
I am however supposed to be happy. No need for perfection. I am even allowed to make mistakes. Fortunately my faults are my greatest inspiration for my creativity.


Father God, I am so thankful that you even accepted me as a sinner.

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