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I.M. Preoccupied 4 Sep 2021

Sometimes I am narrow minded and preoccupied. I have made up my mind and I refuse to see the facts or I refuse to investigate. Since I can't investigate everything, ignoring the facts is worse. Refusing to explore important opportunities could have serious consequences and may damage my own life.


I may ignore good thoughts of Millet. Millet is smarter than I am. So anyway ignoring her is narrow minded and a bit silly. Perhaps I am hurt or proud. I could be ashamed for my failure or my own weak solution. Or I may be afraid for the consequences of facing the truth. Consequences could be financial or a task that I would have to perform.
As you see, Ignoring may have short term advantages.


I could open my heart by admitting that I am somewhat afraid of the consequences for me. I could open my ears by asking her to tell more and to explain what the consequences for me would be. Listening costs little and gains a lot. Millet may feel valued and respected.


Father God, please grant me the courage to be more vulnerable, especially where it is about my feelings.

Narrow Minded

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