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I.M. Pragmatic 2 Sep 2021

During my primary and high school time we were not allowed to used calculators. I was not even aware that they existed. And just two or three years later, even scientific calculators had become normal. The calculator on the picture, I have purchased it in a used state, more than 40 years ago. In all this time I had to replace the batteries perhaps a five times. The calculator uses RPN, Reverse Polish Notation. It takes fewer keystrokes to perform most calculations than needed with most modern calculators today. You may observe that there are no parenthesizes and there is no = sign.


In our modern time we do have many great tools that did not exist some 50 or 100 years ago. Computers and the Internet are among my favorite ones. Google made it very pragmatic to ask questions and get information really fast. It is amazing.

Counseling and Conversion

In the last decades there is more pragmatic help available with psychological and emotional problems. Americans are great in pragmatic solutions. Time is money.
I would like to see more pragmatic and modern methods in the churches. And that is not to replace God and faith. There is a whole range of tools that may help with depression and anxieties.

Psychological counseling is however too expensive for ordinary people. Therefore, I think it is time that the churches strive to provide such help for free.


Father God, thank you for the gift of pragmatism.

My HP11C Calculator

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