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I.M. Practical 1 Sep 2021

Hands-on is a great image for practical. As a Catholic, I regularly have a feeling that I miss practicing what I believe. As a student-learner in interpersonal communication, I need to practice. Learning without practicing is unfinished business.


It is not enough to be practical. Being able to read a musical score is one thing. I may know which keys of a piano need to be played. Doing it in practice, however needs lots, perhaps years, of practice. And the same is true for pleasant and effective interpersonal communication. It has a slow learning curve. And I need to continue practicing regularly. I easily fall back in old habits or shortcuts. Communication is quite an art, just like playing the piano.


Father God, remind me to practice communication, both with you and with the persons in my communities. Make me a doer of your words.

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