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Who Did It? 22 Sep 2020

2Ki 10:9b When morning came, he (Jehu, the army commander) went out and, standing, said to all the people, 'No guilt attaches to you! I did indeed plot against my master and have killed him;
but what about all these (the heads of 70 princes)? Who struck them?


70 Princes had been beheaded. They were sons of Ahab, king of Israel. The people who had killed the princes were fearful for the commander of the army.
It is not completely clear from the following text (2 Kings 10), but it appears to me that Jehu killed all the fearful murderers.

Idolatry and Curse

All this happened because of the idolatry of Israel coming from the ground east of the Jordan. And Moses had added a curse in the covenant with Israel concerning such things.
During the reign of Jehu, Israel lost the territory east of the Jordan.

What better are we than the people of Israel? And are we willing to repent?
In my opinion we as Dutch people are not yet ready to repent from the things which have hurt ourselves and God.

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