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Unknown Other 24 Sep 2020

When two people meet each other, naturally they like to communicate. Even without knowing they communicate. In the worst case it is avoiding each other.

Human Nature

Man is not made for being alone. Something in human beings likes to communicate with other ones. When we meet others, there is a sense of wonder, an attraction or a spark. We like to communicate, to exchange information.

We are different

Two persons who meet are different and we can not see in each other's mind. And when we start to communicate, it is still hard to be exact and accurate. It is not easy to know and understand another person. And often that is disappointing and painful.

Therefore I like to share the coming days some ideas and exercises that may help to communicate more pleasantly. Actually human communication is an art that takes time and practice to master it. At least to improve our skills takes a serious effort. We also may need healing from bad experience from our past. I hope you will enjoy.

Two People not knowing one another

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