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Knowing Myself 29 Sep 2020

A few days ago I questioned if I know another person accurately. Today I am wondering how well I do know myself.

As a first observation, I have forgotten already so many things of my earlier life. I have very little idea what happened in my first 4 years. There are days where I remember in the evening no more some things which I did in the morning.
A second observation is that by times my memories are simply incorrect. Other people remember the same story different. And I am sure that by times I am wrong.


One thing I know quite sure: quite some others have a quite different impression on my character and talents than I do have myself. They do not have (just) bad thoughts about me, but they also have positive thoughts about me.

Thus other persons can help me a lot to know myself better. To know myself more accurate, I need to listen to the observations of others. That takes some courage, but it is very rewarding. A small example is that in my prayers, God regularly tells me that I am worthy to be loved. Even when I am not perfect.

about knowing myself

How accurate is my Self Image?

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