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I.M. Wrong 30 Sep 2020

Some years ago in a shopping mall in Manila I purchased a used book written by I.M. Right. He turned out to be a Microsoft employee and wrote some interesting stories about software development. His style was purposely provocative. But not as negative and unfriendly as boss Trump.

I.M. Wrong

I have to admit that I am frequently wrong. In a variety of issues. By times I do some fact checking on Google. Sometimes I end up simply with shame about the incorrect statements I made just some hours ago.

I am not always correct in what I express. It is easy to make a nice sounding statement. Alas, by times my statements miss the mark or are simply wrong. Sometimes I can correct myself. Sometimes I can say sorry. Too often I do not even observe that I am wrong. Things get even worse when I start to move into a false direction.


Over the years I have learned to smile about my faults. There are so many. And some are even funny.
It is always possible to make a new start, especially with Jesus Christ my Redeemer.

knowing myself by times

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