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Hostile 2 Sep 2020

It is hard to understand a culture of 3000 years ago. Over the centuries it is easy to see that many nations do have enemies, usually their neighbours. It is not easy to kill every single person in a nation. What is left with the survivors may easily be a century long animosity.

Psalm 108:9

In Psalm 108 the words 'Moab (is) a bowl for me to wash in, on Edom I plant my sandal, over Philistia I cry victory.' are attributed to God. David is said to be the composer of the psalm.

Accept my Enemy

No one likes his enemies. Enemies hurt me. But for sure, I am responsible for my reactions towards my enemies.
I can fight my enemies ... or I can accept them, so that I can live a meaningful life.
It is however not good when I get involved in the sins of my enemies.

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