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Fallen 1 Sep 2020

Jer 51:8
Babylon has suddenly fallen,
is broken:
wail for her!
Fetch balm for her wounds,
perhaps she can be cured!


Verse 11 explains that the fall of Babylon is Yahweh's revenge for his Temple. Chapter 50 and 51 of Jeremiah describe Yahweh's anger. Two full chapters. Four pages in my bible.

My Life

How would God feel about how I treat his creation? About how I treat the poor? About the way I talk about my fellow people?

Is there a healing possible? I believe that God desires more to love and care, than to hate and destruct.

I am willing to make my life available to God, to offer my life to God. I need change. I need his mercy. I need his Redeemer: Jesus.

Pieces of Babylon

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