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Meeting the Other 25 Sep 2020

When I want to communicate with another person I should start with some tenderness. Children have their stuffed toys to whom they easily connect. Those toys have some interesting characteristics:
1. They should be durable and not easily get damaged.
2. They should be soft and have no sharp edges.
Then it is possible to relate to them over a long time.

There are lessons to be learned from this concerning any communication. If I want durable communication, I must avoid to damage or hurt the person I want to communicate to. I should not frighten that person. I should make myself 'soft' to the other party, so that he or she can appreciate me.

Some Ideas

1. First connect to the person properly. Would you have a second for me? I have a some questions for you, is it now a good moment? If the person I like to communicate to is busy with other things, I may only irritate him.
2. Start slowly. Start with simple little things. If you show interest in the other person, he opens up easier.
3. Show appreciation for the other person. Listen well to what he says or asks.

Stuffed Toys

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