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Equal? 26 Sep 2020

No two persons have an equal mind or equal thoughts. Although our thoughts may have similarities.
It is easily assumed that other people will understand what I think or how I feel. And usually that is not the case.
It is as well an often made mistake to enlarge the 'bad' characteristics of groups of other people. It is seldom that other people are extremists in their mind. Most people do have many commonly shared values, strange enough even if they deny them.

Communication Hardships

Why then is it so hard to understand other people properly? There are no easy answers to this question. Nevertheless I offer some suggestions:
1) I am not enough in touch with my 'goodness'. I am wounded by bad previous experiences and the business of life.
2) I am not enough in touch with the 'goodness' of other people. God invites me to love my neighbour. Sadly, I have many unfriendly thoughts about persons around me. Especially and unfortunately when I need to communicate with them.

We are OK

Many years ago I read a book titled: "I am OK. You are OK". And that is the needed attitude which allows pleasant communication.

Do those persons think equal?

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