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Earnestly Praying 17 Sep 2020

Jdt 4:15 With ashes on their turbans they earnestly called on the Lord to look kindly on the House of Israel.


Israel prayed because they faced a serious enemy.
The people of Judah had shown their distress before God and they fasted and called on the Lord Almighty. They interceded however for ... Israel.

Catholic Crisis

One of the things I missing in the present Catholic Church in my country is "distress".
I missing active concern for the well-being of our country-men who have left the church.
I am not hearing serious distress about our sins.
I am not hearing "distress" about the condition of the earth.
I am not hearing distress about the finances of the church and about the lack of ministers.

Is Distress Needed?

The lack of distress expresses indifference and unbelief in a serious change. Indifferences can not be compensated by 'holiness'. Indifference may be a result of hypocrisy. I show myself better than I really am. I am too proud to produce distress.

A Story about Distress

Yesterday we (Millet and I) did some purchases in a supermarket. Because of an Internet APP we expected a 2 Euro price reduction and also that our purchase would be added to our monthly purchase balance so that we could obtain another perhaps 5% reduction on our monthly purchases.
Unfortunately the computer system of the Supermarket failed and we missed the expected 2 Euro reduction and other advantages. We were offered a 5 Euro compensation with our next purchase when we registered on the Internet.
We registered. Today we did not get our 5 Euro reduction.

We were so distressed. We complained to one another. We were certainly not indifferent. We took hours for the complaints. And we ended frustrated. To our own loss. And that just for a couple of Euros.

God Expects Distress

I believe that God expects distress from us when our brothers and sisters in our country can not find the love of God. We should earnestly fast and pray. You are invited!

Ashes on Turbans

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