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Change of Mind 8 Sep 2020

Wis 19:1 But the godless were assailed by merciless anger to the very end,
for he knew beforehand what they would do,
Wis 19:2 how, after letting his people leave and hastening their departure,
they would change their minds and give chase.

Wisdom 19:1 relates about the change of mind of Pharaoh when the Israelites were leaving Egypt. Many of Pharaoh's soldiers paid with their life.


When I choose for a new good direction in my life, and then fall back into old bad habits, what can I expect? At least a lot of frustration with the people around me.
When I choose to follow God or Jesus and receive grace with that process. And when I fall back later into old habits - which is pretty human - it is a lot harder to reconcile with God afresh. I assume, first of all, this is my pride and unbelief that God still loves me.

And what is my 'change' then? What do I get in return? Some loose coins?
That is the pessimistic view. The great love of God still waits for me. And I should realize, that most believers are in a simialr process. Even saints may experience some fall-back or doubts.


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