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Busy ... 28 Sep 2020

Black Friday is in the United States the day after Thanksgiving. It is the most busy shopping day in the year. It is sales. In one busy shop - the story tells - a man died because of a heart attack. He fell down on the floor and was laying motionless on the floor. Many persons walked around him. Nobody helped him. Most probably his life could have been saved ... only if someone had given him some time.

Business of today's World

First of all, it could have happened just as well on many days in the city where I live, Eindhoven.
Second, I could have been one of those who walked around this man.
Third, I pray. Please God help me to slow down and make time for the people near to me. I ask forgiveness for my continuous hurry. And I am not even that busy. Perhaps I am afraid that I never perform good enough or about what other people may think when I slow down and relax. Jesus my God, save me from the pressures of criticism. Open my heart for the world and needs around.

Too busy for Happiness

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