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Assuming ... 27 Sep 2020

Mathematicians are good thinkers. They are not allowed just to assume things. Right or wrong?
Interestingly they frequently make assumptions ... and then they begin to test if the assumption is correct. If in some way the assumption can be contradicted, then it must be incorrect and wrong.

Human Mind

Let me assume that when I offer Millet (my wife) some flowers she will be happy. Makes sense, not so?
I begin to verify if my assumption is correct.
"Dear Millet, do you like those flowers which I gave you?"
"How much did they cost, William?"
"I just got a special offer: 15 Euro"
"Ohh, that is pretty expensive ..."

Now I ask you as reader: Is Millet happy with the flowers?

New Assumptions

I could assume that Millet did not like the flowers. May be I am right and may be I am wrong. I need to check more. Perhaps Millet would have been more delighted with a kilo of fresh fish.
Even if she likes the kilo of fish better, I am not sure whether I should give fish or flowers. The reason is that - for me - flowers do express appreciation. Fish is just for a meal.

Work to Do

I need to find out in what way Millet will feel loved and appreciated.
And because love needs creativity I need to experiment and try and test a few things. And I should allow mistakes which may hurt me myself in that process. That is life!

Checking if this person really is happy.

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