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Ark and Plague 5 Sep 2020

1Sa 5:9 But after they had taken it (the ark of the covenant) there,
Yahweh oppressed that town (Gath) and a great panic broke out;
afflicting the people of the town from highest to lowest,
he brought them out in tumors too.


The Philistines had looted the 'Ark of the Covenant' from Israel. Hardly their fault. Israel lost a war and had brought the Ark to the battle field. The ark however brought disaster to the Philistines.

Climate Change

It is hardly my fault. Although ... I contribute. I am still afflicted with climate change. And the people in poor countries even more.

The Philistines sent back the ark of the covenant to Israel. And the plagues halted.
I am wondering: "What do I need to restore to God or the earth, that the plague may halt?"

Ark of the Covenant

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