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William 10 Sep 2019

Who am I?

Name: William Kuipers
Age: 64 years, born in Eindhoven, Netherlands
Married: yes, to Carmelita (Millet) Cabiltes Agustin Kuipers
Children: no
Household: we live in a house together with two men from India
Address: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Religion: Catholic
Purpose: to serve God.
Profession: Engineer (electronics), presently with Philips
Daily: I write a message on my website and Facebook
Music: I like to play keyboard, especially praise and worship songs
Interest: I like electronics and computer programming
Food: favorite food is fried Potatoes and vegetables
Sleep: usually I sleep pretty well during 6 hours of the night
Ear: my left ear is deaf, which is a serious handicap in noisy places
Character: quiet, curious, somewhat critical, like balance and simplicity
Future: in a warmer country, a simpler life, less dependent on technology
Family: 1 brother, 2 sisters with children, large family of Millet in Philippines
Friends: more than I know.
Weaknesses: critical, too direct, not always listening well enough, a little quick with being annoyed, a tendency to postpone relevant things.
Strength: creativity, desire for a meaningful life, patience and endurance.

William Kuipers before a church

That is me.

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