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Where to look 22 Sep 2019

Nowadays we live with many texts and words around of us. Many slogans are advertisements. There are so many advices around me. There are so many options in life. Finally I may end up being confused and not knowing where to go.

Go with the Flow

Fortunately there are duties in life. They make us busy. They may connect us to the world around us.

Happy Day

Normal people desire happiness. Our duties may give a lot of fulfillment. Is it easy to be happy or satisfied? We may face worries like sickness of loved ones or financial uncertainties. I still seek for peace of mind. And that will not come from ignorance.

Make today Amazing

It would be nice if I could control my days. It helps when I live responsible and plan a few things. What would make my day amazing? Fortunately ordinary days can give me joy.

It would be nice when I could make all my days amazing. It would be great when I would see day by day good things happening. It is nice when we care in loving ways for a few things or persons.

Take Away

With love and joy life is better than without. How nice is it when we experience and spread the love of Christ.

Some slogans

Some slogans I saw recently.

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