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Transformation Process 24 Sep 2019

Our apple tree produced many apples this year. I decided to cook some apple sauce. I had never done it before. It turned out to be quite some effort.

The process

1. Picking the apples. 2. Peeling off the skin. 3. Slicing. 4. Washing and cleaning. 5. Cooking. 6. Mashing. 7. Cooling

Christian growth

As with cooking apple sauce, growing spiritually goes in little steps. As an example it may run in the following process:

  1. Hearing about God.
  2. Showing interest in God
  3. Instruction about God
  4. Baptism (is supposed to speed up the transformation process. God promises us a helper, the Holy Spirit.)
  5. Training how to welcome the Holy Spirit
  6. Listening to God's word and doing some words
  7. Enjoying God's work on me
  8. Accepting God's call on my life (finding my purpose.)

Some steps with the cooking

Preparing apple sauce.

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