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Score 7 Sep 2019

It is true that I like to score. I may act competitive by times. First in my speaking. I like to make a point. Too often just in a way that hurts more than that it helps.

The desire to score is in my heart as well. I like to perform. Unfortunately that desire does not make me effective. A problem may be the I. I may not be in agreement with the King of the Universe, nor with my fellow people. The desire however may be good and wanted. The timing or place may be wrong. The issue may need a simple beginning.


The clock shows 5 minutes before 12. In Dutch language this means: "Almost too late." I am 64 years old.
My life belongs to God. It is never too late with Him. My prayer is that God makes me growing in love and unity with my fellow believers.

city view, score and church tower

A city view (Eindhoven).

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