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Realistic Prayers? 8 Sep 2019

Millet found this special t-shirt. And I made a picture of her holding it. Therefore I ended up with some computer art to replace the nice face of Millet with mine. Millet asked me today if my prayers are not a bit too superficial.

Good Question

Like a normal person I do have my fears. I am willing to trust God. And still it is not easy to give up my rights. I am willing to trust people around. And still I am afraid in doing it at the same time. I am afraid for quite a few unrealistic things, that usually never happen. Trusting requires that I take a risk for failure.


Trust me, I am a liar. How does my own prayer sound? I realize that it is not easy to live out what I pray for. Therefore I entrust my life to God. He may act to me as it pleases to Him. He may prompt me (in prayer) to move on new paths. And yes, I do have fear to move into the unknown. I ask God for fellow travelers.

trust me, I am a liar

An interesting t-shirt.

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