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Prayed For 9 Sep 2019

For many years a group of people comes once a month to pray in front of this building. It is an abortion clinic. Praying the rosary in public already causes tension. Praying the rosary in front of an abortion clinic is a kind of warfare.

Is prayer effective?

Prayer expresses messages. When I speak out words, I myself am affected by the words. People hearing the words are affected. Words trigger our emotions.
When I wait in prayer before God, my thoughts come to a rest. Fresh insights may stir up in my mind.
It takes time. When I pray with the words of a psalm, I need to repeat the psalm at least a three times quietly (or aloud) before the words begin to minister to me. A serious prayer time for me takes 30-60 minutes.

praying in front of a building

Prayed For

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