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Hays 1 Sep 2019

In our neighbourhood a main road has been renovated. There are new plantations. Hays have been used as fertilizer. I am expecting that with the first autumn storm, the hays will spread everywhere over the street.


When I feel strong negative emotions, it is as with the hays in the wind. Bad thoughts easily creep everywhere in my thinking.

Discerning some spirits

When the Holy Spirit gives us a thought, it is specific, accurate and helpful. In other words not to big, practical, realistic and doable. I can deal with the issue.

When my emotion or some bad spirit speaks, the messages are unbound, bad, unfriendly and confusing, unpractical. When it is a thought about a person (it could be myself), that person is presented totally worthless or completely bad. A kind of destructive unpractical reasoning.

God loves me and all. Bad spirits hate persons. The bible says that the devil is a deceiver and a killer.

hays as fertilzer

Hays in new plantation.

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