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Halfway 27 Sep 2019

Today another halfway picture. The street is the main road just a 100 meters behind our house. The road (Heezerweg) has been renovated. Just today, the road opened again after a couple of months works. I am sure Millet is very happy with the new halfway stop in the middle of the road.

Interesting is that I lived for 18 months of my life in the house at the opposite side of the street. The people living in that house could have become a catholic community. We did not. We could not meet halfway. We (all) were too serious and perhaps hurt. Nevertheless I have been blessed by this near-community.


Community might be the place where people love one-another.

Love helps a lot with living in peace with one-another.

The street has been modernized.

I lived for 18 months in this building.

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