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Fish 21 Sep 2019

No, it is not the sea of the Philippines. I have not been diving somewhere. The fishes are living in an aquarium (fish tank?). It looks like they are living in darkness.

Saint Peter

Saint Peter would not have been impressed by those small fishes. They are not even suitable for food. Saint Peter was told, you will be a fisherman of men.


Many live in darkness. They may not believe in a loving God and an eternal life. They are doomed for dead. Many live with the guilt of sin. Many live in fear of tomorrow. Too many people live unfulfilled and without purpose.

I am called to bring light

I am called to be a light in the darkness. It should attract fishes. The fishes need the message of hope and life. They need my friendship.

Therefore it is important that I care for my life. It is needed that my household is a loving and caring environment where some fishes like to visit.

Some fishes in a basin

Some fishes in the dark

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