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Eindhoven 19 Sep 2019

Not far from my parish church (Sint Joris) in Eindhoven, I found this tile. Eindhoven placed in a lamp. A symbol dedicated to the Philips company. I like my church to be a light to the city inhabitants.

What is needed?

  1. We need God's power. No-one can be a real light without the giver of life. We represent Him.
  2. I need to live in friendship with my fellow parishioners. An honest response. It feels like there are more parishioners who like to avoid me than those who like to befriend me.
  3. I need to love my neighbour. Including the ones mentioned a line higher.
  4. I like to hear from the Holy Spirit what I can contribute to the parish and to Eindhoven. I also ask the parish how I can contribute.
  5. I like to evangelise, to spread the good news in word and in deeds.
  6. I would like to be part of a community dedicated to growth in maturity for our parishioners. I assume that each of us struggles with maturing and growing in effectiveness in life.
  7. I am willing to give up many (most) things of my old life. I would be happy to live a more simple life in honour of God.
a tile on the footpath

Stone / Tile in Eindhoven

a tile on the footpath

Stone / Tile in Eindhoven

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