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Dwelling Place 6 Sep 2019

In Asia, it is pretty normal to see in homes an altar attached to a wall. This morning I saw an Altar of Chickens. Later, I was reading Psalm 132 where David dreams about a dwelling place for Yahweh. Sometimes we set our minds on weird things. And we run after them. Chickens are not worth my adoration.

Psalm 132

David said: I shall not rest until I find a dwelling place for my God. In the psalm it started with David's desire, dream. God however adapted to this dream and later in the Psalm God said: I will dwell in Zion ... because I desired it. And I will bless Zion.

My desire

Father God, please help me to seek, as David, dwelling places for you. And please tell me your conditions. I am willing to move to any place where you like to dwell. Thanks a lot for your response.

Altar of Chickens

Altar of Chickens

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