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Distance 2 Sep 2019

My camera does not perform well at distance. No-one is good in knowing the future. On the picture my camera is faced east at dawn time. There is a nice sunrise. And day by day we are blessed with a new morning. A new beginning.

Do I trust my future?

I admit that I am somewhat concerned about my health. Some specific concerns may be my teeth and my eyes.
I admit that I expect various disasters to strike this earth in the coming 10 to 100 years. Among them wars, famines, floods and unknown diseases. Not to forget financial disasters and extremely expensive (health) care.

Like my camera is badly far-sighted, so I also can not see the future. I do not live in fear. I am very willing to learn to live a more simple life. And I do believe that it can be done in a healthy and joyful way.

not so clear distance

My camera is not good at distance.

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