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Confusion 4 Sep 2019

Once in a while I feel confused. I do not know how to proceed. I need to make a decision. Frequently I choose after some hesitation. In other cases I postpone my decision. Sometimes making a decision is just fine and the confusion goes.

An example.

Mr. Q asks me for help. It is not the first time Q asks me for help. It seems to me that Q's situation is not improving. When I answer yes or no, in both cases I will not feel at peace. I feel pressured to help. I no more like to help.

The will of the Father

I know that I am free. I want to do the will of my heavenly Father, God. I like to hear from Him. I pray, Father God, what is your will in this situation?
Then I need to listen. That is the harder part. I can hear incorrect, but when my impression is either a yes or no, I will communicate and do what I promise. I am still responsible for my decision and incidentally for some consequences of it. Then the confusion leaves me, I have peace and I trust what will happen.

For important decisions I need to agree with my wife Millet.

Confusion image

Confusion. (Weighing hands)

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