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Columns 12 Sep 2019

In Dutch politics the word columns (zuilen) has a special meaning: Catholics, Protestants, liberals, socialists. Typically groups with different political agenda's. They fight one-another. I took the picture just today in Eindhoven. It is not a part of a church.


When you rotate the picture, you may recognize the columns as being steps of a stairs. You can walk over them and ascend to a higher level.

Columns in the Church

As in the Dutch politics, in the Catholic Church we still have many columns. Frequently it is very hard for people locked up in a column to communicate with other columns, different thinking people.

How nice would it be when the columns could be rotated, so that people can use them to ascend to God. So that each column can be used as a step to support people in need for help.

Parts of a building

Columns in a building

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