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Unripe Blackberries 5 Sep 2019

In September the blackberries no more ripen. They will no more get black. They will remain very sour. Not even the birds will eat them anymore.

Catholics in the Netherlands.

It is as with the blackberries in September. Most baptized Catholics appear not to ripen anymore. There may be a 6 Million of them. Many have left the church long ago.

In my opinion, the teaching program of the church, in the best case brings the believers to the red state. They are still sour. It is not easy to bring the believers to a mature state, where they work enthusiastically for the mission of the church. I would like to see a training program that produces black ripe fruits. We already are very late in the season.

I share in the responsibility

I am called to follow Jesus, in words and deeds. I struggle, especially with growing in unity with my fellow believers. Dear God, have patience with me. Forgive me where I am fearful, proud, ashamed and lazy. Please extend the ripening season somewhat. I am no more young. My life however belongs to You.

Blackberries along the road

The blackberries no more ripen.

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