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Testimony 13 Sep 2018


Stories are important in life. They paint an image in our minds that remains a long time. We can remember good stories.

When I have to recount stories, they are not always clear to the listener. Sometimes when I am too enthusiastic I really mess it up.

Testimony stories

Giving a testimony about an important event that had affected my life may need some preparation. Because when I just share my enthusiasm, the listener will get not a clear message. The one, two, three model may help to prepare a testimony.

123 testimony

The 1, 2, 3 framework.

A testimony about a life changing event should paint 3 three images:
1) What I was before the event.
2) What actually happened to change my life.
3) How I became after the event.

In this way the change can be understood. I give two examples.


1) Before I knew Millet I was alone and had to care for my own life. No-one listened to my stories.
2) Through the Internet I got to know Millet and six months later we were married.
3) After that I was never again alone and I felt loved and cared for. I am so thankful.

Conversion Experience

1) After my 18th year and until my 32nd year I struggled with doubts about the existence of God. I had some annoying habits and I had few targets in my life.
2) On an ordinary January Wednesday evening I was asked if I loved God. Being aware that I never had made any effort to love God I decided to start asking God frequently: Father God, please teach me how I can love you. At making that choice, instantly I knew deep inside that God existed and a great joy flooded in my heart.
3) In the period after that I began to get more insight in my own behaviour and I began to change little by little, even so that people around noticed the change. I also got new dreams and desires in my life.

I am so thankful for what God did in my life.

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