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Sunday 16 Sep 2018

No work today

This morning I watched a report on TV about about charismatic churches in Ghana. The preachers attract many and get very rich. They preach the gospel of wealth.

The Jesus I know - as little as it is - had no stone to lay His head on. He said: Sell everything you have and follow Me.

It is true: when I pray for the sick, I see hardly healing. Still He commands: Heal the sick.

But this Jesus has brought peace in my heart. It does not require wealth nor success.


God said in the bible: On the 7th day you shall not work. As far as I know that 7th day was a Sabbath and not the Sunday.

For some reason mankind - including me - finds it hard to do what God says. Even if we believe it is wholesome and good.

I am still thankful for the rest on the Sunday.


Which God do you want to follow?

  • The god of wealth?
  • The god of love and peace for all?

Choosing a god is not cheap. I desire a meaningful life for all.
God, please help me to be Yours and to be available for your ways.

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