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Repent 8 Sep 2018

I am a man of habits. I regularly make similar mistakes. I struggle for years with the same sins. In some aspects of my life for many years the same patterns are visible in my life. And escape is not easy and certainly not automatic.

Awareness and hope

First of all when I am aware of some behaviour that hurts others or myself, that is self-knowledge. Knowledge may hurt. But it also is an important starting point to escape. Fortunately like saint Paul says, I am not my own judge. I have to accept my life as valuable and precious. Even when I cause a little trouble by times. I hope and long for a better future.

to turn to fresh ways

Beginnings of escape

I begin to confess my issues to others. I still feel powerless and hurt with my failure. But now it is a little easier for others around to accept me and bear with me. I can drop my fear for God and others.

I develop an interest in what other options (choices) I have to respond in new ways in situations where I am caught up in my ineffective habits. And with a lot of patience I can practice some new habits.

This whole process is step by step and slow.

Pray and invite the Holy Spirit to help

I had to learn how to pray and to wait patiently for answers. Always with a thankful heart. Thanking God for His patience and the patience of people around.

Three options for a faster escape

a) Training of different behaviour. A coach can be helpful. Role-plays may help a lot. We definitely need to learn to think and talk different and and we have to overcome emotional barriers and unbelief.
b) Being part of a team of people who care and encourage me to participate in their activities.

c) I need to fill my time with a mission. Reach out to love and care for other people around. Then Freedom pulls me out into a joyful and meaningful life: my destination.

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