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Rain 23 Sep 2018

Rain is one of those things we may dislike and at other moments like. Ireland is seldom short on rain. When we visited Dublin a couple of months ago I was touched with hearing someone praying for rain for the farmers. When a typhoon comes, no-one will say: thank you God for this rain. The payers of the inhabitants of the Sahara desert in Africa may appreciate rain different. They may face unbelief that God ever will give rain.

Personal prayer

When it is about rain I use two kinds of prayers.
1) When it rains and I need to go by bicycle to my work I pray: Father God, please grant me a dry pass-through. I thank you in Jesus name. And very often my prayer is answered. I try to avoid in my prayer, that my request conflicts with the prayers of others.
2) I also pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit: Father God please let it rain. Usually I forget to say: Thank you for what you are doing. And please let it rain according to your wisdom. Perhaps not everyone awaits a touch of the Holy Spirit. Some may be hesitant or fearful.

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