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Phone 22 Sep 2018

We all know what a Phone is. A device to communicate. Originally in Greek and Latin phone means: voice, sound. Phone is nowadays a shortcut for telephone. That was/is an electrical system to reproduce sound over a long distance.

device to reproduce sounds over a long distance

Hear the sound of my prayer

Psalm 28 holds this text. David complains to God. And he asks God perhaps: do not take my words too serious, but hear my pain.
In vs 4 David asks God Repay them - some annoying people - as their deeds deserve.
In vs 6. David meets Jahweh: Blessed be Yahweh. and he calms down.
In vs 9 he ends: Save your people (the ones he was annoyed with a while ago), bless your inheritance, shepherd them and carry them forever!

David had phoned to God and had connected to God's thoughts.

Communication is more than words

Words however have power. And we need safe places to express what we struggle with. My prayer today is for safe places to phone (voice, sound) out our pain.

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