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Navel 11 Sep 2018


When I was looking for a picture of a baby with a navel cord I found a picture of a baby who had been abandoned. You would think: no mother does such a thing.
The baby on the image below was abandoned but found by a dog. It is an amazing story. She is still alive. It is not up to us to judge the parents.


Baby Jerusalem

Ezekiel 16
4. At birth, the very day you were born, there was no one to cut your navel-string, or wash you in water to clean you, or rub you with salt, or wrap you in swaddling clothes.
5. No one looked at you with pity enough to do any of these things out of sympathy for you. You were exposed in the open fields in your own dirt on the day you were born.
6. I saw you kicking on the ground in your blood as I was passing, and I said to you as you lay in your blood: Live!
7. and I made you grow like the grass of the fields.
... declares the Lord Yahweh

- God spoke about Jerusalem.
- The story in Ezekiel does not have a nice end, although history is not yet finished.

Hurt at birth

The story also is a beautiful image of how God cares for an abandoned baby.

Many among us have been hurt in their early youth. I hope that all those any many others will meet the saving and healing love of God in and through Jesus Christ.

You and I, we can ask Him for pity and mercy. He is more than able. He too desires love and patience. Love begets love.

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