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Moving 9 Sep 2018

We consider moving to a new house. We like our present house. We also look forward to our future needs.

The money invested in our house is part of our retirement provision. We do not have to rent an apartment.


We are interested in a future with a different lifestyle. Some issues:

  • We would like to live in a house where we can rent more space to others.
  • We are interested in working and living in other countries, and still want to have at least a small home in the Netherlands.
  • God may direct us to a new way of living. And if we discern His way, we have to move on.
to turn to fresh ways


  • We like to live together with people with a heart for God and (many) others.
  • We want to live with people who seek and follow God's ways.
  • We want to live with people who share in the care for the house.
  • We believe that each member needs a degree of privacy. Especially families with children.
  • I have a strong feeling that without a common mission we will miss the mark. Although for living with younger ones who stay for a shorter time that may not be required.
  • We do not like many rules. We like active involvement.

Is it possible?

Yes! Beyond any doubt.

Please talk to us. Whether you live in Eindhoven, Asia, Europe or wherever.

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