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Meeting 7 Sep 2018

Meeting people is important. Attending meetings is however not popular.

The historical original meaning of "to meet" is: suitable or to have the same dimensions. That is interesting because easily we meet without connecting, without exchanging memorable information.


Good managers learn to communicate effective when they meet. Their time is limited. And meeting without exchanging meaningful information will have little effect.

Instead of exchanging vague messages they learn to communicate relevant meaningful details. That helps others to connect. If a message is specific we can remember it later. Vague information is forgotten easily.

meeting and connecting


If we want to relate we need to connect. We need to meet. We need to share meaningful messages.

It is true that we need to connect with friendly simple openings. But if no-one starts to come with more specific or personal information we waste one-another's time. Later we will remember little.

My hope is that when we meet we also connect.

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